Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element
Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element
Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element
Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element
Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element
Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element
Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element
Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element
Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element
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bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating element

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Liberty bedwetting alarm with wireless vibrating elements expert guidance

Have you already checked whether we can declare the bedwetting alarm for you? If not, just click here and check. This often saves a lot of money and the necessary administration!

Bedwetters have a high wake-up threshold. It is difficult or impossible for them to wake up to the stimuli of a full bladder or a wet bed. Also within this group you have the champions: Children who are just really very difficult to wake up. The very deep sleepers. The Liberty with (wireless) vibrating element has been developed for this group. This bedwetting alarm offers everything to seriously tackle bedwetting:

  • Choice of 10 different alarm signals . There's bound to be a signal that's both fun but at the same time so annoying that you'll want to turn it off as soon as possible. Because that is the intention during the training.
  • A wireless vibrating element . This disc is located under the pillow or near the hip and will vibrate loudly when the pants are peed. This experience also awakens the very deep sleepers.
  • The volume is of course adjustable . Can be set in such a way that the alarm is not unnecessarily loud for any brother(s) and/or sister(s), but is loud enough to wake the user up quickly.
In addition, this bedwetting alarm combination offers a number of other interesting advantages:
  • The channel is super flat . The Liberty offers the best sleeping comfort with the smallest and flattest transmitter in the Netherlands! Your child will absolutely not feel this transmitter during sleep.
  • The transmitter is equipped with a rechargeable battery . Super easy and no hassle with buying and installing separate batteries. Charging is very easy by clicking the transmitter on the receiver. A completely empty battery is fully charged within a few hours. The LED lighting on the receiver also indicates when charging is complete.
  • The vibrating element also has a rechargeable battery . As a result, there is no fixed cable on the vibrating element and this solution also offers every comfort while sleeping.

Want to see more of the Liberty? Then watch this video


Includes: Wireless vibrating element for very deep sleepers

The wireless vibrating element of the Liberty bedwetting alarm offers a lot of comfort. There is no wire to the bed and because of the vibration in many cases, the volume of the alarm does not have to be turned up extra loud. The shaking is in fact a new and strange experience that also wakes very deep sleepers well.
The vibrating element is usually placed under the pillow or in the pillowcase. This way it is felt well when it starts to vibrate and it also stays in place well.
The vibrating element is therefore also a very good solution for children who are afraid of loud noise. The volume of the alarm can be turned down or by disconnecting the receiver you can even train only with the vibrating element - so without an acoustic alarm.

Note: The sensor briefs must be purchased separately

The Liberty bedwetting alarm only works in combination with the Urifoon sensor pants. Handcrafted in Portugal, these sensory pants look like regular underwear, but feature special sensory threads. With these sensor wires, a large sensor area is created to quickly identify the loss of urine. Since boys and girls are built differently, we have special sensor briefs for boys (boxers) and girls (hipsters). There is a choice of 3 different colors per gender.
The sensor pants are designed in such a way that the first drops of urine are always detected. Very important for efficient and effective training!
When ordering, you have the option to purchase additional sensor briefs at a discount. This is useful if you are going to urinate several times a night or to make sure you have plenty of dry, clean sensor briefs available each night.

Includes: Stimulating scorecard and stickers

A stimulating score card is included with the bedwetting alarm. The result of the previous night can be kept up to date on this daily. Points can be earned in this way and this has a stimulating effect on many children. Users under the age of 10 also receive a sticker sheet, 1 of which can be pasted onto the scorecard daily.

Including: Personal and expert guidance

Scientific research shows that guidance during bedwetting alarm training leads to better results. There are many medical institutions that prescribe our bedwetting alarm training and also supervise the training themselves. If you are not accompanied by the medical circuit, we are happy to offer you our guidance. Urifoon customers can make free use of our professional and personal guidance, which consists of:

  1. Emails throughout the training. You will receive most emails at the beginning of the training, because this period is experienced as the most important and the most intensive. We know better than anyone what the most important situations and bumps can be at the different moments during the training. The timing of the advice in these emails is geared to this. We recommend that you read them and apply them where necessary. For many children it has made the difference between successfully completing the bedwetting alarm training or not.
  2. The advice from the emails is generic and based on the hundreds of thousands of children we have assisted with the Urifoon bedwetting alarm training since 1954. Your child is unique and also deserves personal guidance if necessary. Our personal and professional guidance is used in a very targeted manner if we periodically receive a copy of the completed score card. You can contact us by phone during office hours and we will discuss the progress of your child's training and can then provide you with very specific advice to make the training as effective as possible. You can call us on 0297 760 001, but you can also send an email to [email protected] .
  3. We help you during the entire training and as often until your child is toilet trained. Of course also in the event of a relapse if unfortunately this is the case.

When we hear that the training has been successful, we will send the child a cheerful surprise.

Is expert guidance important during bedwetting alarm training?
Yes! Scientific research shows that many more children successfully complete the bedwetting alarm training and are still toilet trained after a year if the training is expertly supervised than if there is no (good) supervision. This is also logical, because bed-wetters are difficult to wake up. Otherwise, they would wake up faster themselves from a wet bed or a leaked diaper. Without guidance, the temptation is also great to stop training too quickly and this significantly increases the chance of a relapse.

Expert guidance is especially important for bed-wetters. Because what do you do if your child:

  • Not quickly awakened by the alarm of the bedwetting alarm? Or
  • Wetting the bed at least twice a night? As a result, the alarm goes off just as often during the training and this can no longer be sustained for your child and also for you after a few weeks. Or
  • Does react to the alarm but looks straight ahead and is not aware of what is happening?

Just a few examples that often occur in practice. Our expert helpdesk has been guiding the training since 1954 and knows how to take the most difficult hurdles with targeted advice. This has genuinely made the difference for many children, so that the bedwetting alarm training has been successfully completed.

The result of our personal guidance
We have been in frequent contact with our customers during the training since 1954. We know what we are talking about and what we can promise you as a result of the training. Isn't there a physical reason that causes bedwetting? Is there serious training with the bedwetting alarm? Then 90% is potty trained within 6 to 12 weeks!

Of course there are success stories that the training is completed in a few weeks. Some even say after several days. However, the bedwetting alarm is not a panacea, but a training aid. Therefore, take into account 3 months, then it is usually not that bad in practice.

This professional and personal guidance is free of charge for customers who are registered with us. All other users of a bedwetting alarm can receive this guidance by calling 0900 bedwetting (= 0900-2337527736, 60 cents per minute).

Includes: Free home delivery

You will receive the bedwetting alarm at your home for free within 2 working days. If you want to receive the bedwetting alarm the next working day, this is no problem at all. Would you like to start the bedwetting alarm training the same working day? If you order before 12:00, we will arrange this. For this (extra) fast delivery, we do ask for a small contribution during the check-out and read all the options and conditions here .

Optional: Very good mattress protector

You have the option to order a mattress protector with the package at your own expense. If you do not yet have a good mattress protector, we strongly recommend that you do so. We have made a selection from very good and handy mattress protectors, where you can choose from washable or disposable models.

Optional: Water-resistant bedding

With the bedwetting alarm training we will do everything we can to get rid of bedwetting, but during the training there is a chance of peeing accidents. With every workout, some times are better than others. To prevent the duvet from getting wet during these pee accidents, we optionally offer waterproof duvet covers and pillowcases that are also pleasant to use. The fabrics are chosen in such a way that the material breathes (so it does not lead to unnecessary perspiration) and does not crack. A comfortable protection for the often expensive duvet.

Optional: Pee watch, so that your child does not forget to pee during the day

During the ordering process we offer you our U15 and R16 urine watches with a € 5 discount. Such a urine watch is very useful and valuable for children who regularly forget to go to the toilet during the day. By holding the urine unnecessarily long and often during the day, the bladder becomes tense. This relaxes when the child has fallen asleep. In many of these children we see that after the bladder is relaxed, more urine is produced at night than when the bladder is also kept relaxed during the day. The urine watch helps with this and ensures that the training runs more smoothly for many children.

Optional: Workbook Learn to pee and poop the way you should

Kids don't like talking about their wet and dirty pants, but they want to get rid of them. This workbook was made for these children. It is intended for children from group 4 to group 8 of primary school. It consists of 2 parts, a part for children with mainly bladder complaints and a part for children with mainly intestinal complaints. Bladder and intestinal complaints often occur together. Yet usually one of the two complaints is in the foreground.

The purpose of the workbook is to let children experience what they can do about their complaints themselves. They learn with the help of assignments how to prevent wet and dirty pants . They also learn through exercises what a good way to urinate is and how they can promote their bowel movements.

Finally and important

Have you checked whether you are eligible for reimbursement? Click here for the possibilities. If you pay for the bedwetting alarm yourself (or advance it for the health insurance), we offer various payment methods: iDeal, credit card, Paypal, transfer and pay afterwards via Klarna.

If you want to submit the invoice to your health insurer yourself, we advise you:

  1. Do not use Klarna. In that process you will receive the invoice from Klarna and this is not accepted by most health insurers!
  2. Enter the user's name and date of birth. Many health insurers only pay the reimbursement if the user's details are stated on the invoice.