Urifoon B.V. is a Dutch family company that specialises in offering solutions for urinary retention problems since 1954. In 1954, we introduced the bedwetting alarm in the Netherlands, which we market under the registered brand Uriflex® today. It soon became apparent that a bedwetting alarm alone is sometimes not enough. Expert personal guidance often determines the difference between success or stopping training prematurely with no results. That is why we developed the bedwetting alarm training, together with incontinence specialists and with the help of feedback from thousands of users. And with success. About 90% of our motivated clients is cured of bedwetting within 3 months! Our success lies in our experience and personal involvement in the progress of our clients - and in our excellent products of course. We are a professional and close-knit team, that is motivated by sincerely helping those who have a very inconvenient bedwetting problem. After all, we know better than anyone else how badly this impacts those involved. Both our involvement and our results have led us to start working together with medical specialists, to develop specific signalling and training methods. Because we have our development and production department in the Netherlands, we can quickly fulfil specific wishes from the market and rapidly create innovations. For those who suffer from incontinence during the day, we have our own line of fashionable and machine washable incontinence underwear under the registered name UnderWunder®. This line caters to both children and adults. You can find all information on www.underwunder.nl. Our products are sold in many countries. Always based on the same philosophy and approach: delivering the highest quality products and personal guidance during the training. The mutual exchange of experiences constantly lifts our approach to a higher level. If you are interested in offering the Urifoon products and services in your country, you can send an email to [email protected].  
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Start Urifoon

In the early 1950s, my uncle Jan de Soet came into contact with a paediatrician in Switzerland. The doctor had developed a bedwetting alarm and was enthusiastic about the results. His wife Fenny ten Bosch then introduced the bedwetting alarm to the Netherlands in 1954. Urifoon was born. At the time, Fenny was also a very good tennis player and became Dutch champion twice (1953 and 1958) and also competed at Wimbledon and Roland Garros. So the activities around Urifoon were mainly a fun hobby. In 1959, Fenny died quite unexpectedly at the age of only 23. Urifoon wandered a bit within the family, until my mother (Paula Kip) decided to take up Urifoon seriously in 1962.


VervolgThe bedwetting alarm was gaining popularity

For a long time, GPs were quite wary of the bedwetting alarm. Also because no scientific evidence was yet available in the Netherlands. But the results of the bedwetting alarm became increasingly convincing and word of mouth did its work well. By the mid-1980s, the positive effect of the bedwetting alarm could also be scientifically substantiated. The first studies were a fact and many would follow. The bedwetting alarm and accessories also developed. The bedwetting alarm went from a wooden box to a (for those days) nice plastic casing. All the while, the children were connected to the bedwetting alarm with a cord, but fortunately the original bandages with sensors were increasingly integrated into normal-looking underwear, making the user feel more and more comfortable.


Het productIntroduction of the Netherlands' first wireless bedwetting alarm

To make it more comfortable for bedwetters, we developed a wireless bedwetting alarm. A transmitter was placed on the sensor underwear and when the first drops of urine were urinated, the alarm went off at the receiver. From now on, you can choose between a bedwetting alarm with a wire and a wireless bedwetting alarm. To make it a bit more fun, the 2 bedwetting alarms were also given 2 different names: Jupiter (wired) and Neptune (wireless).


Eerste productBuy or rent? And the first international steps

Until now, we only rented bedwetting alarms, but since 2002 you can also buy the bedwetting alarm. Although renting a bedwetting alarm is a much more sustainable solution (as its lifespan is much longer than the duration of an average training), some people prefer to buy the bedwetting alarm. With our new Sirius bedwetting alarm, we have met this need. The company Charco had been operating in Belgium for a long time and had developed as the entity in the field of bedwetting there. They had their own wired bedwetting alarm. Developing a wireless bedwetting alarm led to such problems that they decided to use our bedwetting alarms from now on. A collaboration we are proud of to this day.

De verkoopInternational growth continues and major product launches

Dialysis is a drastic and tiring event. To make it a little more comfortable for patients, night-time dialysis emerged. But because the patient is asleep then and the nurse is not always nearby, good monitoring of the needle is crucial. Indeed, a leakage of blood during the dialysis process can have serious consequences. At first, our normal bedwetting alarms were used in these treatments. However, detecting urine is totally different, which is why we developed and introduced the Leak Alarm with the Leeuwarden Medical Centre at the time. After Belgium, it was time to introduce our products and services in even more other countries. In Germany, Mr Klaus Weder became our exclusive partner and has established a good position in the local market. Linda Gijsbers is our successful partner in Switzerland. After her husband left for Switzerland for work, she was keen to start something herself. Urifoon Switzerland turned out to be a hit. The Sirius was succeeded by the Contessa wireless bedwetting alarm. A great reliable bedwetting alarm in a very solid housing. This solid housing also made the Contessa very suitable for renting out, and we still do so with the Contessa to this day. Over the years, of course, the interior and the software have been modified several times. This still makes it a very reliable bedwetting alarm that is also made in the Netherlands. With the new Mickey I, we offer a choice of 2 different bedwetting alarms for sale. The Mickey is the cheapest and very suitable for children who do not sleep very deeply. The Contessa, on the other hand, is the bedwetting alarm that is very suitable for very deep sleepers.


De locatieNext generation takes over Urifoon

After 48 years of working with children every day to help them get rid of bedwetting with bedwetting training, at 71, it was time for Paula to do other fun things. And rightly so. In all these decades, she has boosted the self-confidence of so many incredible children by helping them get rid of bedwetting. In the process, she is the founder of bedwetting training as we still give it today. It is important that the use of the bedwetting alarm is expertly supervised, because the bedwetting alarm itself is not a panacea. In fact, it is all about proper use and training. Knowing that many bedwetters have a harder time waking up peers who do not wet the bed. Around her departure, Paula spent months inducting new colleagues and transferring her knowledge. I (Martin Kip) grew up in the Urifoon environment. For years, parents and children came to our house and at dinner, Urifoon developments were frequently discussed. After working in the corporate world for some 14 years, I wanted to run my own business while continuing my mother's life's work. I have not regretted this choice for a second. Still every day, in a fantastic and driven team, we work with adults and children to get rid of annoying bedwetting. Urifoon's unique DNA (personal, discreet, expert and involved) will continue in the decades to come. Marije van de Vegte has marketed great daytime incontinence underwear. After a number of years, she found out that she lacked the motivation to expand. We took over the products and activities and have been building it into a successful international brand ever since. In this way, every day we give thousands of people the confidence they need to cope with an annoying urinary problem.


Het succes(International) growth continues and major launches

With our broad portfolio for day and night solutions, we have been able to quickly expand our international footprint and sell in more and more countries. These include France, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Italy but also Singapore, for example. To be honest, we were not really satisfied with the housing of the Mickey I for a long time. Therefore, we were happy to introduce its successor. A much nicer housing and at the same time further improved the software again. By the way, this is a continuous process to keep reliability high. In this year, we also introduced our line of affordable pee watches. We often heard that the first models were a bit pricey for a children's watch and this caused parents to drop out, even though a pee watch would be a great tool for their children to have a reminder to go to the toilet during the day. With our own pee watches, we can buy competitively and offer them at a very good price.


Introduction Liberty bedwetting alarm

After almost 2 years of preparation, we have introduced the market's best bedwetting alarm. The technology used is super reliable. We get rave feedback from both parents and children about the design and ease of use. This is a great bedwetting alarm that suits everyone; from normal to very deep sleepers. As an option, a wireless vibrating element can be added for deep sleepers. This is the only wireless vibration element on the market and naturally ensures optimum comfort and safety during sleep. In addition, the Liberty is the first product from a new range of products on the same platform. But more on that later.


Introduction waterproof bedding

While we help a lot of children get rid of bedwetting as soon as possible, we now also offer useful products to protect the bed in case of pee accidents. We have been selling mattress protectors for several years and we have now added very comfortable and waterproof duvet covers, pillow covers and sleeping bag protectors. For allergy sufferers, we have specially introduced the Gold line. This bedding is of very high quality and besides being waterproof, it is also very suitable for people with allergies to house dust mites, bed bugs, etc. A valuable addition to our range of solutions for people with urinary problems.