About us

Urifoon B.V. is a Dutch family company that specialises in offering solutions for urinary retention problems since 1954. In 1954, we introduced the bedwetting alarm in the Netherlands, which we market under the registered brand Uriflex® today.

It soon became apparent that a bedwetting alarm alone is sometimes not enough. Expert personal guidance often determines the difference between success or stopping training prematurely with no results. That is why we developed the bedwetting alarm training, together with incontinence specialists and with the help of feedback from thousands of users. And with success. About 90% of our motivated clients is cured of bedwetting within 3 months!

Our success lies in our experience and personal involvement in the progress of our clients - and in our excellent products of course. We are a professional and close-knit team, that is motivated by sincerely helping those who have a very inconvenient bedwetting problem. After all, we know better than anyone else how badly this impacts those involved.

Both our involvement and our results have led us to start working together with medical specialists, to develop specific signalling and training methods. Because we have our development and production department in the Netherlands, we can quickly fulfil specific wishes from the market and rapidly create innovations.

For those who suffer from incontinence during the day, we have our own line of fashionable and machine washable incontinence underwear under the registered name UnderWunder®. This line caters to both children and adults. You can find all information on www.underwunder.nl.

Our products are sold in many countries. Always based on the same philosophy and approach: delivering the highest quality products and personal guidance during the training. The mutual exchange of experiences constantly lifts our approach to a higher level.

If you are interested in offering the Urifoon products and services in your country, you can send an email to [email protected]