Washable training pants

Urinary accidents are of course super annoying, especially for your child, and they lead to a lot of insecurity, feelings of shame and frustration. UnderWunder is a Dutch brand for special underwear that offers the solution. Unlike many other brands, it is beautiful, cool or fashionable underwear, but with a little secret.

It is special underwear that invisibly absorbs a certain degree of urine loss. The pants have an absorption capacity of an average of 75 ml in 4 hours (so not the entire contents of a child's bladder). It is specifically designed for children who suffer from pee accidents and is suitable for toilet training. This way, diapers are no longer necessary. From the outside they cannot be distinguished from normal underwear, so your child does not have to be unsure that friends will notice something.

How do absorbent pants fit girls?

For girls, the models of the washable training pants have a normal fit, just like regular underwear. The size chart provides additional clarification for finding the desired fit.

This underwear is also ideal for children at school when minor pee accidents are sometimes visible or smelled by others. UnderWunder ensures that this does not happen again.

When the absorbent underwear for girls is suitable to use?

  • During toilet training to get rid of diapers
  • In case of pee accidents you do not have to wash all the clothes immediately
  • For more security in case of involuntary urine loss, no one will see it
  • During the day during menstruation it offers comfort and protection (can also be used as extra protection in addition to using tampons or sanitary towels)

Various models of absorbent underwear

Thanks to the trendy design and the invisible absorbent crotch, no one will notice that your child is wearing absorbent underwear. Thanks to the high quality (95% cotton and 5% elastane), it is also very comfortable. For girls we offer pants in two models: Slip and Hipster. All models are available in sizes 92 to 176.

Other important facts about the washable training pants:

  • UnderWunder also largely neutralizes urine odor
  • The underwear is delivered discreetly
  • In addition to absorbent underwear for your child, there is also UnderWunder incontinence underwear for adults