Special watches for adults that help remember

These watches are designed as an aid for you as an adult, to remind you of certain moments or 'actions' during the day. It has the option to set up to 15 alarms at the times you want. This gives you a signal to, for example, take your medicine or have a glass of drink. The medical watches with alarm can therefore be used for various purposes:

  • Pee watch
  • Medicine watch
  • Drinking watch
  • Calendar alarm,
    or simply as a handy watch while exercising

These reminder watches for adults are mainly intended to help people remember during the day to do important things that are normally forgotten. Consider, for example, taking medications on time and drinking and urinating frequently during the day. This watch is a handy and functional tool, which of course also shows the time.

Application of watch with vibration function

The use of a reminder watch is mainly used as a urine or medicine watch. At preset times, it notifies you to take medication via a discreet vibrating alarm. When used as a pee watch for adults, it is advisable to urinate while sitting approximately every 1.5 - 2 hours.
Depending on the type of watch, up to 15 different alarm times per day can be set. The watches are easy to set to go off at different times. Each watch has its own instructional video that clearly shows this.
All pee watches for adults can give a discreet vibration alarm at set times and no sound signal. This way, not everyone hears the alarm, which gives a safer and more confident feeling. Super nice and handy tool that results in:

  • No insecure feeling
  • Better health
  • One less 'worry' about taking medication
  • Less disappointment and more (only) dry pants
  • Self confidence

A bedwetting watch for adults should not be confused with a bedwetting alarm against bedwetting. It is not intended for that and does not give the desired effect.