Good protection makes it easier

Suffering from pee accidents and excessive perspiration is often tiring enough. Sometimes it leads to wasted nights changing the bed and then there is all the extra dirty laundry. Make it easy for yourself with good protection for the duvet, pillow and mattress.

A reliable mattress protector

The first thing that often comes to mind is a mattress protector . Depending on the size chosen, this protects the entire mattress or just the area around the hips. The latter model - also called a strip model - is the most handy and quickest to change, but it protects a limited area compared to the waterproof fitted sheets. These are available in various sizes, so there is bound to be a suitable model for your mattress.

Most mattress protectors are washable up to 90 degrees. The strip model is also available in a disposable version. Maybe a little less durable, but very easy and requires less laundry.

The golden tip with mattress protectors

The mattress protectors are made in such a way that you can sleep directly on them. Which is nice, because in the event of a pee accident, only the mattress protector needs to be replaced. If you prefer to sleep on a sheet - and the mattress protector is therefore under the sheet - a wet bed leads to some extra work. In addition to the sheet, the mattress protector also needs to be replaced.

We have received a tip for this last group: the layering technique. This means a mattress protector, then a sheet, then a mattress protector again, and then a sheet again.

In the event of a urination accident, only the wet sheet and the wet mattress protector need to be removed from the bed. Underneath it, the clean, dry sheet is already ready, with a clean, dry mattress protector underneath. This saves a lot of time during the heaviest moment during changing at night!

Also avoid a wet duvet

With urination accidents and excessive perspiration, the duvet cover may also become wet. Or even more annoying, the duvet itself. Just like mattresses, duvets are expensive to purchase and are not easy to replace. Washing a duvet is time-consuming and you would rather not do it unnecessarily often.

We offer the solution in the form of water-repellent duvet covers . These protect the duvet and ensure that it does not get wet. The fabrics used are composed in such a way that these covers can be washed up to 90 degrees and at the same time offer a lot of comfort while sleeping.

The fabric is oxygen permeable, so it does not lead to extra sweating. In addition, the fabric does not creak during use, which is a common complaint from other water-repellent mattress protectors.

Of course we also supply the corresponding water-repellent pillowcases . After all, it would be a shame if everything in bed was well protected, except the pillow...

In short, optimal comfort for everyone.