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Package incl. 1 month rental bedwetting alarm with vibrating element and expert guidance during the entire training

  • Contessa bedwetting alarm
  • Vibration device
  • Rental per day
  • 2 Sensorbriefs
  • Personal coaching & support
  • For deep to very deep sleepers
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Sensor Pants 1 Boys/Men (for Bedwetting package)
Sensor Pants 1 Boys/Men (for Bedwetting package)
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Sensor Pants 2 Boys/Men (for Bedwetting package)
Sensor Pants 2 Boys/Men (for Bedwetting package)
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Sensor Pants 1 Girls/Ladies (for Bedwetting package)
Sensor Pants 1 Girls/Ladies (for Bedwetting package)
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Sensor Pants 2 Girls/Women (for Bedwetting package)
Sensor Pants 2 Girls/Women (for Bedwetting package)
In stock
In stock
  •  duurzaam en voordeligste oplossing
  • onbeperkt persoonlijke begeleiding inbegrepen
  • na 3 maanden mogelijkheid tot huurkoop-regeling
  • huur van de plaswekker is dagelijks opzegbaar

Sustainable Contessa package with vibrating element: Renting a bedwetting alarm including expert guidance

The bedwetting alarm training usually lasts no more than 3 months and because you use the bedwetting alarm for such a short time, many people opt for renting a bedwetting alarm instead of buying it. Renting is a sustainable choice . After all, the lifespan of our bedwetting alarm is many times longer than the average duration of the bedwetting alarm training. This makes reuse very sustainable.

Renting is often cheaper . Our guidance ensures that the training is successfully completed more often and faster. The rent can be canceled per day, so no unnecessary costs. If the training takes longer, there is a rent-purchase arrangement . You then buy the bedwetting alarm in exchange for the deposit.

Renting is of course also hygienic. Every bedwetting alarm received back is thoroughly and antibacterially cleaned. As a result, it always looks like a (as good as new) bedwetting alarm.

Read all about the benefits of renting here .

This package consists of the 1st month rental of the Contessa bedwetting alarm and the vibrating element and the purchase of the associated sensor underwear, supporting material and guidance during the training. After that you pay € 1.30 per day for the bedwetting alarm with vibrating element and we invoice this in advance every 4 weeks. The rent can be canceled per day and ends when we have received the bedwetting alarm back. Any overcharged amounts will of course be corrected. After using the bedwetting alarm, you can declare all invoices together in 1 go to your health insurer to receive the reimbursement to which you are entitled.

After 3 months you can possibly take over the bedwetting alarm in exchange for the deposit + € 20 for the vibrating element. The deposit is € 50 and will be charged when placing the order.


What do I get when I rent the Contessa bedwetting alarm with vibrating element?

You rent the bedwetting alarm but receive an almost complete package of which everything (with the exception of the bedwetting alarm with vibrating element) is your property. Just choose the color of the new sensor underwear and you can immediately start with the Urifoon bedwetting alarm training. You receive the following:

  1. Contessa wireless bedwetting alarm (rental can be canceled daily)
  2. A vibrating element (rental can be canceled daily)
  3. A set of 2 sensor briefs
  4. Expert and personal guidance
  5. The package will be sent to your home address free of charge
  6. Free returns when you cancel renting the bedwetting alarm

The Contessa may not be the prettiest bedwetting alarm, but it is very effective. The alarm tone is designed in such a way that you want to turn it off quickly. It wakes up the deepest sleepers and gets them out of bed quickly. Exactly what you want to achieve with the bedwetting alarm training.

Because images often say more than words, the Contessa bedwetting alarm is explained in more detail in the video below.


Including: Vibrating element for the very deep sleeper

The vibrating element of the Contessa bedwetting alarm is connected with a wire to the receiver of the bedwetting alarm. Since the vibrating element is often placed under the pillow, the wire can be easily and quickly removed from the bed so that it can be used comfortably and without risk.
Because of the vibration, in many cases the volume of the alarm does not have to be extra loud. Vibrating is a new and strange experience that also wakes up very deep sleepers. The vibrating element is therefore also a very good solution for people who are afraid of loud noise. The volume of the alarm can be turned down or even turned off completely.

Including: Set of 2 sensor pants (wet pants)

The sensor underpants are handmade in Portugal and feel and look like normal underpants, but are equipped with special sensor threads. With these sensor wires, a large area is “monitored” to quickly detect urine loss. This is an important advantage, because the sooner the alarm goes off with the first drops of urine, the better it is. The bladder is then still full and the brain will then more quickly make the connection between the feeling of a full bladder and waking up.

Since men and women are built differently, we have special sensor briefs for men (boxers) and women (hipsters). There is a choice of 3 different colors per gender.

Including: Personal and expert guidance

The bedwetting alarm itself is not a panacea, but part of a training to get rid of bedwetting. The bedwetting alarm training. Scientific research shows that expert guidance during bedwetting alarm training leads to much better results. We have been providing this guidance since 1954 with enormous success. Progress is made quickly, which keeps motivation high. As a result, the chance of success is the highest.

Urifoon customers can make free use of our experienced professional and personal guidance, which consists of:

  • Emails throughout the training. You will receive most emails at the beginning of the training. This period is the most important, because you must quickly learn to wake up immediately from the alarm. Only then did the training begin.

    We know better than anyone what the most common situations and bumps can be at different times during the training. The timing of our advice in these e-mails is geared to this. We therefore recommend that you read these e-mails carefully and apply them where necessary. For many people (children and adults) it has made the difference between successful or unsuccessful training.

  • Every person is unique and also deserves personal guidance if necessary. That is why you can always call to discuss the progress of the training with one of our experienced experts.

  • We can be reached during office hours on telephone number 0297 760 001, but you can also send an email to [email protected] .
    We help you during the entire training and just as often until your child is potty trained. Of course, this also applies in the event of a possible relapse.

Is expert guidance important during the bedwetting alarm training?

Yes! Scientific research shows that the success rate of the bedwetting alarm training is much higher when it is expertly supervised. This was measured during training and one year after training.

This also makes sense, because it is more difficult for bed-wetters to wake up than others who do not wet the bed. They have a higher wake-up threshold, which means that their wake-up reflex must be developed extra well. Otherwise you would really wake up faster from a wet bed or leaked clothing.

Without expert guidance, there is a good chance that you will not respond quickly to the alarm and will therefore make little progress in using the bedwetting alarm. Motivation decreases and the temptation to stop too soon becomes too great. An experience richer and an illusion poorer.

We also dare to say that 99% of the negative experiences with a bedwetting alarm were not properly supervised or used the wrong bedwetting alarm that did not always immediately give an alarm with the first drops of urine. Fortunately, this is all well organized at Urifoon, which means that the chance of success is the highest.

The result of our personal guidance

Since 1954 we have had daily contact with many parents and adults who use an alarm clock during training. We know what we are talking about and what we can promise you as a result of the training.

We also hear and read success stories that the training was completed in a few weeks. Some even say after a few days. But the bedwetting alarm is not a panacea. It is an aid to training and everyone goes through this training at his or her own pace. Compare it to learning to walk, swim or cycle. Keep in mind that the training lasts 3 months, then it is usually not too bad in practice.

This professional and personal guidance is free of charge for customers who are registered with us. All other users of a bedwetting alarm can receive this guidance by calling 0900-bedwetting (= 0900-2337527736, 60 cents per minute) or ordering for € 29.95.

Includes: Free home delivery

We will send the ordered bedwetting alarm to you free of charge no later than the next working day. If you give us a call, we can often arrange this the same working day.

Including: Free return of the rented bedwetting alarm

Please contact us when the training is completed. We will then email a return label, with which the bedwetting alarm can be returned free of charge. The rental ends on the day that we have received the bedwetting alarm back.

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