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Mickey Ultimate package including guidance for the normal sleeper

  • Mickey Bedwetting alarm
  • 2 sensor briefs
  • Motivating scorecards
  • expert guidance
  • For normal sleepers
  • +2 extra sensor briefs
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  • inclusief deskundig advies en persoonlijke begeleiding
  • gratis verstuurd binnen 1-2 werkdagen
  • check voor vergoeding via zorgverzekering
  • >90% succesvol binnen 3 maanden

Mickey bedwetting alarm set with 4 sensor pants and expert guidance

Your child can get started right away with this set! The package contains everything needed to tackle bedwetting seriously and successfully:

  1. Mickey wireless bedwetting alarm
  2. A set of 4 sensor briefs
  3. Stimulating scorecards with stickers
  4. Expert and personal guidance through 1 on 1 coaching
  5. Very user-friendly mattress protector (85x90 cm)
  6. Informative booklet Juf Sas en de Plasklas
  7. I become the boss of my bladder drinking cup
  8. The package will be sent to you free of charge

The Mickey is a wireless bedwetting alarm with 5 different alarm signals and the volume can be easily adjusted in height. But above all, this bedwetting alarm distinguishes itself by its very child-friendly design.

The Mickey is demonstrated in detail in the video below.


Including: Set of 4 sensor pants (wet pants)

The sensor underpants are handmade in Portugal and feel and look like normal underpants, but are equipped with special sensor threads. With these sensor wires, a large area is “monitored” to quickly detect urine loss. This is an important advantage, because the sooner the alarm goes off with the first drops of urine, the better it is. The bladder is then still full and the brain will then more quickly make the connection between the feeling of a full bladder and waking up.

Since boys and girls are built differently, we have special sensor briefs for boys (boxers) and girls (hipsters). There is a choice of 3 different colors per gender.

This package contains 4 sensor pants. This is more than enough.

Includes: Stimulating scorecards and stickers

Stimulating scorecards are included with the bedwetting alarm. The result of the previous night can be recorded on this daily. In this way points can be earned and a corresponding sticker can be pasted every day. We hear from many parents that this has had a very stimulating effect on their child.

Including:1 on 1 coaching

We offer the most intense form of guidance with 1 on 1 coaching. Then 1 of our expert and experienced coaches will guide you for as long as you want and you will be called weekly to discuss the progress of your child's training.

You will understand that this 1 on 1 coaching has an extra positive effect. Any bumps during the training are quickly eliminated or prevented. In addition, the weekly contact also works as a kind of stick behind the door. You use the bedwetting alarm every day and we are going to make it a success together.

What do you get when you choose 1 on 1 coaching?

By choosing the 1 on 1 coaching you also choose the highest possible success rate of the bedwetting alarm training, because it offers a lot:

  • Focus and commitment. One of our expert coaches will call you once a week at a time that suits you. Your child can of course be present, but this is not necessary. Because of this weekly contact you will automatically get to work motivated every day.
  • Just like everyone else, you will receive our e-mails with advice, exercises and practical tips that you can use yourself.
  • The weekly conversations are a finger on the pulse during the training and we go through the progress in detail. Does the alarm wake up your child quickly and well? Is it aware the next morning of what happened that night? Is everyone still motivated? Etc.
  • Quick adjustment if training does not come naturally. As a result, everyone experiences the progress and motivation remains high.
  • Highest possible success rate! If there is no physical cause for wetting the bed, you will always succeed with this approach.

Is expert guidance important during the bedwetting alarm training?

Yes! Scientific research shows that the success rate of the bedwetting alarm training is much higher when it is expertly supervised. This was measured during training and one year after training. Your child will become potty trained faster with good guidance.

This is also logical, because bed-wetters wake up more difficult than their peers who do not wet the bed. They have a higher wake-up threshold, which means that their wake-up reflex must be developed extra well. Otherwise, your child would really wake up faster from a wet bed or leaked diaper.

Without expert guidance, there is a good chance that your child will not respond quickly to the alarm and will therefore make little progress in using the bedwetting alarm. Motivation decreases and the temptation to stop too soon becomes too great. An experience richer and an illusion poorer.

We also dare to say that 99% of the negative experiences with a bedwetting alarm were not properly supervised or used the wrong bedwetting alarm that did not always immediately give an alarm with the first drops of urine. Fortunately, this is all well organized at Urifoon, which means that the chance of success is the highest.

Examples from practice, where guidance is important

Your child is training with the bedwetting alarm when it wakes up immediately with every alarm to go to the toilet. Then the fastest progress is made. But what do you do if this doesn't happen?

If you recognize your child in one of the following situations, it is extra important to receive proper guidance during the bedwetting alarm training:

  • Your child will not wake up (quickly) from a normal alarm clock or noise in the room.

  • Your child wets the bed at least twice every night. As a result, the alarm goes off just as often during training and this is no longer possible for your child (and yourself) after a few weeks.

  • If you wake your child up to pee the moment you go to bed yourself, it will seem awake, but in the morning it will not remember anything. The urination therefore takes place in his or her subconscious.

Without expert guidance, you increase the volume of the alarm, or the sound closer to your child's ear. You prohibit drinking from a certain time or whatever. But these are not the solutions.

Our expert helpdesk has been supervising the training since 1954 and knows how to prevent or overcome the most difficult obstacles with targeted advice. This has made the difference for many children, so that the bedwetting alarm training has been successfully completed. Your child wakes up quickly from the alarm, is aware of what is happening and makes rapid progress. Motivation remains high and the chance of success is the greatest.

The result of our personal guidance

Since 1954 we have had daily contact with many parents and children during the training. We know what we are talking about and what we can promise you as a result of the training. Isn't there a physical reason it causes bedwetting? Are you seriously training with the bedwetting alarm? Then more than 90% is potty trained within 6 to 10 weeks!

We also hear and read success stories that the training was completed in a few weeks. Some even say after a few days. But the bedwetting alarm is not a panacea. It is an aid to training and each child goes through this training at his or her own pace. Compare it to learning to walk, swim or cycle. Keep in mind that the training lasts 3 months, then it is usually not too bad in practice.

This professional and personal guidance is free of charge for customers who are registered with us. All other users of a bedwetting alarm can receive this guidance by calling 0900-bedwetting (= 0900-2337527736, 60 cents per minute) or ordering for € 29.95.

Includes: I'm going to be the boss of my bladder drinking cup

Sufficient and timely drinking during the day is important during the bedwetting alarm training. To support this, you will receive a cool drinking cup for free. Handy for at home, at school and when playing outside.

Includes: Very good mattress protector

You will receive a very reliable mattress protector of 85x90 cm with 2 tuck-in strips. The format is effective and handy, so that it is easy to place and change. A very handy and very good quality and comfortable tool for dealing with accidents during or next to the bedwetting alarm training.

Includes: Free home delivery

We will send the ordered bedwetting alarm to you free of charge no later than the next working day. If you give us a call, we can often arrange this the same working day.