No experience with a bedwetting alarm? Our vlogs and blogs will help you get started!

Few people have experience with ordering and using a bedwetting alarm. But it is important to train with a proper bedwetting alarm. After all, nobody likes to be woken up unnecessarily in the middle of the night. The training must therefore go as fast and effectively as possible.

With the videos below, we try to give you enough tools to make the right choice.


Vlog #1: How does a bedwetting alarm work?

Do you have no idea how a bedwetting alarm works? After this video, all will be clear.

Vlog #2: The Contessa bedwetting alarm

The Contessa is our bedwetting alarm for the (very) deep sleeper. The operation and benefits of the Contessa bedwetting alarm are clearly explained in this video.

Vlog #3: The Mickey bedwetting alarm

The Mickey is the most child-friendly bedwetting alarm. Discover the possibilities in this video.

Vlog #4: Contessa vs Mickey, the differences explained.

What is the difference between the Contessa and the Mickey bedwetting alarm? This is a frequently asked question. Hopefully this video will shed some light on the differences.

Vlog #5: How do you change the battery of the transmitter?

Sometimes, it's necessary to change the battery in the transmitter of the bedwetting alarm. This video demonstrates how to do this.