Reminder watch U7 red
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Very stylish and effective watch with 7 programmable discrete vibrating alarm moments per day.
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This modern reminder/medication watch is a useful tool to help children and adults remember to do something during the day. For children, this could be going to the bathroom in time. Does your child forget to go to the bathroom because it is completely focused on playing or a movie? This watch will remind your child to go to the bathroom in time. This watch is also convenient for adults who sometimes forget to take their medication on time. Forgetting it will become difficult with this watch, which is why it is also called a medication watch.

It allows up to 7 vibrating alarm moments to be set per day. On these pre-determined times, the watch will vibrate and remind the user to do something. This offers the desired help to get through the day dry and/or safely. The vibrating alarm ensures that this happens discreetly.

The vibrating watch uses a rechargeable battery, which can be recharged effortlessly through a USB connection (USB connector is included). The watch will be recharged within an hour and will then last for at least 2 weeks. The battery will drain faster if the vibrating alarm is used intensively.

The watch is modern and hip-looking and has a silicone strap. The strap does not contain plasticisers. The strap will fit practically any wrist size. But if an extra hole is necessary, it is easy enough to make. Is the watch meant for someone with an extremely small wrist? In that case, we recommend shortening the side with the holes a bit by cutting it. Then, make an extra hole for where the closure should go. That way, the watch will also fit an extremely small wrist.

See the video below for further explanation and a demonstration of the watch.


Key features:

  • 7 vibrating alarms per day
  • The settings can easily be adjusted manually or via the computer, but won't easily be changed by children playing around with the buttons. As a result, the watch will remain reliable for the intended purpose.
  • In addition to telling the time and offering 7 alarms per day, this watch can tell the date, has a 24-hour pedometer and a calorie counter.
  • It is easily recharged, so no need to change batteries!
  • Includes Dutch manual
  • Not waterproof (/splash-proof)

Fun detail: the watch is also available in black, blue, green, grey and orange. The straps are also available separately, so that colours can be changed frequently and easily!

The reminder/medication watch is not waterproof!

The watch comes with a 1-year warranty (valid for normal use and not including water damage) and is CE-certified.

Placed on 21 May 2018 at 14:08
Volgens de beschrijving op de website kun je het horloge via je computer instellen. Dit is niet het geval, en kan alleen via de knopjes op het horloge. Erg jammer, want dit was de reden dat we voor dit horloge hebben gekozen.
Wij gebruiken namelijk het horloge ivm zijn autisme waarmee we met alarmen eet momenten aangeven en structuur aan de dag geven.
Alarmen werken prima, mijn zoon (bijna 7) voelt ze goed.
Echter het grootste nadeel, het bandje gaat heel
snel los. Hij draagt hem nu 2 dagen en is hem al meermalen verloren.
Hiermee wordt het horloge totaal onbruikbaar voor kinderen die spelen en tijdens het spelen ongemerkt het horloge verliezen.
Ik heb het horloge zelf omgehad en als je met je arm bijvoorbeeld langs je broek wrijft dan schieten het bandje al los.
Helaas een miskoop voor ons dus.
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